Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shopping time

Momma and I went out today and did some shopping.  She got a fantastic stroller from LD. Pink and Grey Stroller  We were just out spending time together and having fun.

Really cute outfit

Here is such an adorable outfit by CuteBabys.  I actually won this won in the gatcha twice. I did give the second one to my cousin Sadie :) CuteBabys has a ton of great outfits. I will definitely be going back to get more. The binky also comes with this outfit.

My hair is by Love Soul Hair number 138
..:: CutieBabys ::..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I have been doing some pictures in second life let me know what you think.

Today I found the cutest shop of ever.  I spoke with her for several minute about her designs and plans. Her textures are absolutely amazing! Lily has an amazing eye for texturing. The textures on her outfits are extremely real looking. 
These 2 outfits are among my favorites.  After speaking with Lily, she intends to keep creating and making more fantastic clothing!
Spoiled Angels