Friday, June 20, 2014

Pita Crumb owner of Pita Pocket

Store: {Pita Pocket}

Creator:  Pita Crumb
Market :

So I have had some issues with seeing things I create.  Yes I am a template purchaser because blender just drives me batty as all heck.  So I had some major issues with seeing shoes after I put my own texture on it. I immed Pita and complained. She was gracious enough and messaged me back.  So I thought this was going to be a normal creator who sais im sorry that is all I can do for you.  BUT NO WAY!!!
Pita took the time to work with me,  for close to an hour, including me re-logging a couple times. She also brought in some friends that assisted as well. Nessa and Jodie than you so much! Pita has earned my loyalty, I can definitely say that! Through all my frustrations the issue was how I was doing things, and I am so happy that she took the time to work out where the issue was and how to repair it.

~ND~ Nightmare Design

Gothic clothing at its best.  Do not forget to check out the events and specials. Nightmare design has clothing for all family members including toddleedoo and zooby.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

-Peekabee- Group Gift

Group Gift
Creator : ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)

Today I am bringing you another cuteness overdose x 2! Nina comes with a yellow tank, flipflops and jeans or a blue tank, flip flops and jeans.  An adorable outfit for those playdates! Nina is for kids and babies, so you and your big sis can look alike :) Nina is a 10L group gift, so hop on over to -peekabee- and pick up this outfit, and tell all your friends!

Hair: **LOVE SOUL**

Monday, June 16, 2014

~ND~ Nightmare Design

Outfit:  Gothic Purple Bathers
Creator: Ϯ..λɱßεર нαяνу..Ϯ (amber.queenstown)
 Store: ~ND~ (Nightmare Design)
Location: Style me

This cute bathing suit in purple is for babies, and the white one is for kids. This comes with what you see; suit, sandals, head-bow and sunglasses. I think this is so cute, it fits well and looks great!
When you land at style me if the link doesn't take you directly to the board. Look for the tables outside and it is about halfway down.  This item is only 76L!!! Can you believe it!

 ~ND~  Red and Black Skully Summer Dress
 Nightmare Design Main Store
This beautiful summer dress is located at her main location. You will find a lot of gothic items here. From jewelry boxes to sleeping bags to family outfits.  A fun place to go shop at. Amber has several gatcha's, several lucky graves, and her hunt boards are extreme. You must go see!!
Amber has stuff for boys, toddleedoo's, zooby and regulars. A fantastic array of items.
This one comes with what you see:  Dress, shoes, head-bow, socks and underpants. Ths item is for toddleedoo  baby and child.

 Hair: .ploom. Cassie
Earings: ::drbc:: pentacle earrings - january

Sunday, June 15, 2014

-Peekabee- Kalla

Outfit:  Kalla
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Store: -Peekabee-


Here we have Kalla, a timeless classic. You will receive the bathing suit, skirt, bow,  hat, sandals and sunglasses. With her fabulous price of 99L, how can  you go wrong?! This suit is so adorable and the pink and green go so well together.  You can take of the skirt if you choose not to wear it, or any combo you want. Laila has so many items that she has created that you can mix and match a lot.

Hair: dls gatcha event at PR
[d.l.s.] :: Bobbed Hair :: Raven ::

Happy Father's Day Daddy

To my daddy:
  My daddy one of the wierdest and bestest daddies in the whole world!!  Do you know how big that is?