Saturday, June 28, 2014


Owner: ღcнєєηια Lανєηdєlღ (cheenia)
Store: Cheenia's little Dream

Cheenia has sent me a couple new things to show you!! The first one is a cute little bear outfit.  This one is purple and black!  This is gonna keep me so warm in the cold nights and winter. The 2nd photo is a little hopper ball.  I should say Octopus!!  All you do is add or wear it and you can mosey around anywhere you want.  Psst you can run with it on too.

**Cheenia Baby Bear Outfit**
This outfit comes with all you see and instructions for the pacifier. The pacifier resizes and has sound! A bonus is that your friends can play with it too while you have it in  your mouth.

Chee Octopus Hopper and it sparkles!!! This fantastic toy also resizes ;D


I was standing on my platform in my birthday suit, looking through my wardrobe, and found not a thing I wanted to wear.  Pretty sad when my closet it so big!! So i got a notification that Armand was having a sale.  I thought what the heck.  I have never been to that store before so I went,  after i put something on.  O.O
I found several cute items.  This is an unofficial blog post for me. But I have a secret.  After speaking tothe creator Armanddaylight.  I was graciously given a tour of the store, and yes I bought 13 items!  for 75L or less!!!!  So. the little secret... and do not tell Armand I said anything!!!.. Armand's sore is going to be a year old soon.  From my little birdy ears there may be something special coming soon. But shhhhhh...

So here are 3 items of what I got today. Oh  forgot to mention that there are clothes for all styles of dress from country to gothic  for boys and girls.
When you go see Armand, the sim has a set landing.  so make sure you turn left and look, its right off the landing point.

MOoH! Beaded summer dress

Creator:     Dalriada Delwood

What a fabulous dress. MOoH! Beaded dresses summer is a beautiful way to spend time at the beach party.  This mesh dress comes in the standard 5 sizes.The package also includes a hud for four outstanding colors for this summer dress. Pair this dress with some great heals and some diamonds and off you go. This dress has many stunning looks that you can create, so hop on down and check out MOoH, she has some crazy stuff going on!

Shape/Skin:  R.icielli - BERRY Complete Avatar

Hair:  .:{Rumina}:. Jessica - Black Ombre 1
Jewelry: :VC Designs: KARMA Jewelry Set

Friday, June 27, 2014

MOoH! Roller skates

Creator:      Dalriada Delwood  

Momma and me Day out wearing MOoH roller skates. The skates come with animated or non animated. My momma (Nieandera) are spotlighting our first post together for MOoH!
As you can see these roller skates resize down very well for my size. These come with a hud to recolor and resize. I think you will be well pleased with how these look.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

-Peekabee- Ursula

Store: -Peekabee-
Outfit :  Ursula
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч (laila.titian)

 I have another cuteness overload to send out to you. And!!..... this outfit is on MP ONLY  for the unbelievable price of 99L!!!! OMG  how can you beat this?!?! As you see it comes in four fabulous colors and everything you see is included.  This is for toddleedoo baby and child sizes.  So you and your sissy or best friend can have similar outfits.
Necklace, bracelet, shoes and ring are all resizable to fit all shapes and sizes. Laila is amazing in all the creations she makes.  As you can see by my pic everything fits so good. I rarely have to ever use the alpha on the hud with her items. But of course this can be different for each lil person.

Notice: You will find pretty much everything at Peekabee's store for amazing prices. And if you are a group member,  you never know when Laila is going to sneak in a surprise group gift!!! While your headed over to see, keep in mind that there is some gatcha venders there too with so cute stuff!!

Hair: [LOVE SOUL] Hair*138*
Skin: {CM} Kiki Skin   (MP purchase)
Eyes: Darkestkiss Eyes- Gray   (MP Purchase)

Nightmare design

Here are some of the newest items from Nightmare Designs

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

~ND~ Nightmare Designs Formal

Creator: Ϯ..λɱßεર нαяνу..Ϯ (amber.queenstown)
Outfits: Flower Girl Formal Dress in Red
             Gothic Black and Red Tuxedo
Store : Nightmare Design

This flower girl dress is so pretty. Comes with a resizable skirt, a back-bow, sandals ( in child and baby sizes). The tuxedo is part of the Little Gentlemen's Hunt. This tuxedo comes with the cap, tuxedo, and the shoes. Also comes in baby and Child sizes.  I need to point out here, the cap adds to the head. I copied it and added it to the hand pose for picture purposes only.
  I just love this combination, the outfits looks gorgeous themselves and together a perfect pair.The colors of each outfit compliment each other. A perfect set for those special dates. PS:  please make sure it is ok with your parents to have any kind of baby date. Chaperones included!!!

Be sure to get to the store and check out her wall of hunts and events. There is so much going on you will be amazed!!

Hair: "D!va" Hair "Airi2"(Onyx) ( with menu including resizer)

Hair: REDGRAVE - Hairstyle CHRIS - Black ( with resizer)

~NiGhTmArE DeSiGn~ tHiS WeEkS TeRriFic TuESdAy

Jack Skellington inspired outfit for the boys.

Only 50L.

☣ ɢαтcнα yαrd ѕαle ιтeмѕ
    Have a heap of gatcha yard sale items near the front desk.
☣ cнєcк συт тнє вℓσg

☣ ғαᴄєвσσᴋ

☣ ғʟɪᴄᴋʀ

☣ мαякєтρℓαcє ℓιηк

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Serenity Style

Creator: Hanstrid Inshan
Store: Serenity Style
Place: Serenity Style
Cart Location:   ->PR<- GATCHA GARDEN

This swing is great with the single sits that I tried out. They are not set for little ones, but as you can see there is at least one that fits. This beautiful swing will fit into any home decor inside or out, or in any garden location that you have set out.  The location possibilities are endless.

Other inworld locations:

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Cheenia's Little Dream

 Store:    Cheenia's Little Dream
Creator:  ღcнєєηια Lανєηdєlღ (cheenia)

I saw an advertisement for moon and stars. and I kinda like those things. So I went to this little store and dragged my parents along. And asked the store owner to see a demo of the moon and stars.  She graciously did.  I just love this toy.  You wear it and turn off your ao and  you can float around. Same for the pink cloud I am on.  These come in several colors, so take your time and look for them. The prices are really good too ;)
I also purchased a desk that has some great typing sounds in it. Enough to drive my daddy bonkers. :D I also have a diaper walking sound and it is sooo cute. You gotta get it!

 But I also got mater!  Mater you can drive and you do not stick out like  you would in a big person car. ღcσıп Lανєηdєlღ (gasscoigne) has several cars for babies and kids, and they are set so you can demo them. You need to go check out her items, I just love the toys I got. In the same location, across from Cheenia's is the store....Tut Tuutt is where you will find the cars and trucks to drive
ღcσıп Lανєηdєlღ  is the:
  *** Owner of Tut Tuutt ***
    Cars&Bikes for Toddlers

MOoH! Rings

Do you not just love that name....  MOoH! It just rolls of the tongue. And Dal has gone and made my mouth water with these rings! The rings are located in the ->PR<- Gatcha Garden. The vender is only 30L, so go grab these as fast as you can. Cause they may come off the shelves soon.

Creator: Dalriada Delwood