Saturday, June 14, 2014

-peekabee- Awesome

Outfit:  Awesome
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Store: -Peekabee-

The shirt states "Who has 2 thumbs and is Awesome     THIS GIRL"..  Umm yeah!! So all you awesome girls out there really need to go grab this one.   Psst:  Don't tell anyone but it is only 60L  for lazy Sunday!!
Your package will contain shorts, sneaker flats, tank, necklace, hair-bow, ring and bracelet. Yes the shoes are flats,  but they work like sneakers. So girls.  you can be totally awesome in fashion, but still have your sneaks to chase after those boys!!
So tell me, How much more awesome can you get?

Hair : .::.COMB.::. lizzie
   MP link:
Creator: Jennifer (paolacallipo)

-peekabee- Honey


Outfit : Honey in green (shown)
            Comes in: Green, Pink, Blue, and Purple
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Store: -Peekabee- 

Laila is killing me. All this cuteness she is creating. Honey is a fantastic casual outfit. I can wear this anywear. Of course shopping!!, playdates, being dragged around by momma, Caging daddy ;D
One thing I do recommend getting for this outfit is undies. Now I do have a great hud that I use which has several basic pastel colors is:  Bow undies - Toddleedoo (link below)
Before I forget to mention.  Another amazing price of only 99L. Which includes the outfit, bracelet, shoes, ring and headband. And also is for baby and kid sizes.

Bow Undies Hud
Creator: Kricket Calamity
Inworld:  none
Price  25L
MP :

Hair : .::.COMB.::. lizzie
   MP link:
Creator: Jennifer (paolacallipo)

-peekabee- Karina

Outfit : Karina
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Store: -Peekabee-

This beautiful spring outfit comes wit the the dress, the sandals, hairbow, bracelet, and a ring.
Can you see yourself sitting in a field of flowers running after butterflies, chasing down the fairies..... OH WAIT.  ummm  yeah. 
Run over to peekabee's store and check the awesomeness going on over there. She has some fantastic group gifts, and several gatchas with soooooo cute stuffs.
Oh did I mention that this outfit is only 99L!

Hair : .::.COMB.::. lizzie
   MP link:
Creator: Jennifer (paolacallipo)

Thursday, June 12, 2014


After 10 year's FireBird Designs is changing !!! There is a fascinating update to her store. She will soon be unveiling her new look: MOoH! Where she'll be focusing on everything "cute" 

 June 13-14-15 you'll find 50% discount on EVERYTHING!!!
EXCLUDING Gatchas, and event items.
If you're already a member of FBD you'll be welcomed into the MOoH! Family for free! If you're not,  you should become a member because there's going to be gifts and more! It's worth being a MOoH! Family. Just message her for a group invite!
Thank you Momma for this information for my blog! 
Family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what. 

::drbc:: Pentacle Earrings

These earrings are just awesome! I love the fact that they are birthstones. In this photo I am wearing January and I have shown the others in order of month.  No ;D, my birthday is not in January.. I just love the color red!! These earrings girls are............ RESIZABLE!!!
One of the greatest things about these earrings is that when they resize you do not have to reposition them. It may be just me but other dangle earrings I have had to reposition them.

Just look how cute!! ;D

Hair:     Love Soul
Outfit:  Sweet Skully (Heirloom Treasures)
Creator: ღ Poppet ღ (lilcutiepoppet)
Eyes:   Darkestkiss Eyes- Gray (Darkestkisses) (Darkestkisses Eyes)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Life - GROW

So a new item came out.  We can plant and grow our own seeds!!! Can you just imagine!!  I think this is a great idea.  Adds more to the rp of the life hud. I personally was getting bored with Life, but now a fresh new thing> As you can see I patiently need to wait for my things to grow.  But I am so excited...
This is a impromptu photo by gyazo for my seedlings.
Creator: Kaine Braveheart

-EM- Eden Moon Flip Flops

Flip Flops created by:  -EdenMoon-
Creator: Єδℯɳ (eden)
Gatcha Location:

These Flip Flops are just the most adorable. They fit both adult ad child feet. There is a resizer in them to make them just the perfect fit. The flip-flops are intended for slink flat feet, but I can verify that they fit pretty good on regular feet.  ALSO.....  I accidentally set these shoes to  minimum while resizing and I swear that they go small enough to fit tiny avatars. I am afraid to look and see what the largest size would be.  I would be flattened by a giant flip-flop.

This is a gyazo shot of my feet wearing one of the rare sets. The fit isn't too fat for toddleedoo baby fet,

Monday, June 9, 2014

Fralto Fun

So I snatched this from momma. Her took me out for some family fun with Daddy today.  BUT......   you cannot fairly do bumper cars with big people. I ended up driving the sim and eventually found myself watching the fish at the bottom of the ocean.  But I gotta say it is nice to get out and have some fun!