Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mini Vacation

So I have bee away a few days.   I am gonna upload a couple pics later when I get them uploaded to my computer.  I got to see a couple states I have never been in.
I gots to update my blog anyway. So... stay tuned

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A few freebies I think are cute.

All these outfits I got for free.  I got them at Heritage adoption.  No I am not up for adoption I was there with my aunt.

Hair is by lovely butterfly. I resized it to fit my head ;D

*-* Royal Pain *-* Royal Jacklynn Yellow

 I love this outfit,  And it comes with a butterfly for the nose!!

{BB} Effi in orange
{Babydolls Boutique}
This is a cute little dress to wear. I just love the bow!

~BBL~  Lazy Days
~Bunny Boutique~

This adorable messy blah day outfit. I have been searching for one and found it.

For mommies and aunties and unkies and all other adults..   you gotta check out this link!!!
She has 156 items all between 11 - 100 L  and sooo many cute adult dresses  at 25L

Monday, May 26, 2014

My Unki C

This is my Unkie.. I snagged  a picture cause him never without his glasses...