Thursday, July 10, 2014

MOoH Month of Games

  Month of Games
Three board games are featured:
Candyland: Candyland Lolita dress
Chess: White knight romper
Clue: White maid dress
The event will run from July 12 - 31

FB link: https:

Candyland Outfit:
Shape: Mine

White Knight
Shape: Mine

Maid Outfit

Toy Unicorn

This outfit is adorable, even for an adult. I think this is very playful, an outfit for a date on the playground!  Toy Unicorn comes in 5 sizes from L - XXS. There are 12 altogether. This outfit is a tank and jean leggings combined into a one-piece. You can find these great outfits at
 -->PR<-- Gatcha Garden

Toy Unicorn Pink
Shape: Mine
Skin: AlVulo Celestial
Hair: Ploom Cassie
Slink:  Hands relaxed, feet mid

Toy Unicorn Blue
Shape: Mine
Skin: Noya Lola
Hair: Ploom Kewpie (Poppy)
Slink:  Hands relaxed, feet mid

Toy Unicorn Orange
Shape: Mine
Skin: DBF - (Berrylicious )Cocoa
Hair: Truth - Maiko Ginger with headphones
Slink:  Hands relaxed, feet mid

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

TD Animal Socks

ZoZ has made for us an amazing set of socks to keep our toes toasty warm on those chilly summer nights. These socks are for Toddleedoo baby and Kid sizes. You can locate these at ->PR<- GATCHA GARDEN. 
There are 9 animals that you can play for. Here I am displaying just 3 pair for you. Are these just not the cutest to hit the machines?!! I do not know if I am going to be able to take these off, I already feel ready to sit down and wiggle my toes.
PSST.... You have got to come see the beginning of the kids section in her store.  While you mommy and daddy are shopping you can peak around and take a look see at everything there is on the sim.
ZoZ for Kids 
Please remember that the kids section for ZoZ is under construction. But amazing items are foreseen in the future . 

Body: Toddledoo
Hair: .ploom. Ava - Indecisive
Skin: Kiki  {Cheeky Monkey}

Baby Surfing

Eternal Dream Poses Has this fantastic surfing pose in her gatcha at ->PR<- GATCHA GARDEN. I am not going to tell you the price, but it is an amazing deal!! Now with these boards I resized them down manually to fit my little shape. The poses are great for any size :D You will find 7 lucky tries in her machine at the garden.

Gatcha Location: ->PR<- GATCHA GARDEN

Location:  I build the scenery
Body: Toddledoo
Hair: .ploom. Ava - Indecisive
Skin: Kiki  {Cheeky Monkey}
Outift: *Sweet Tots*~TD ~ Sweet Summer

MOoh! Summer Bunnies

MOoh! Summer Bunnies Come with 6 animations per bunny, and only 11 prims!! Wow!!!! In Dal's gacha there are 7 comomon and 2 rare bunnies for you to try your luck with.
As you can see I am sitting here in my bedroom perched on the paw of one of her bunnies. These are so soft and cuddly I could fall asleep right here... yawn.......
You will find these beauties at the gatcha garden.

Location:  My bedroom
Body: Toddledoo
Hair: .ploom. Ava - Indecisive
Skin: Kiki  {Cheeky Monkey}
Outfit: *N & R Creations* Butterfly PJs

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cheenia Camp Set

Cheenia has gone and made a great camp set for us little tykes!! This set comes with a tent with sleeping bags, a cooler, a marshmallow bag, and the fire pit with animations.  I love the sits in the firepit and the whole set fits perfectly in those spooky woods. A great price of 299L too. How can you beat that?
Creator: ღcнєєηια Lανєηdєlღ (cheenia)
Location: Cheenia's Little Dream

Outfit: Awesome from Peekabee
Hair: .ploom. Ava - Indecisive
Skin : Kiki  from {CM}

Sunday, July 6, 2014


So here I was trying to find something to wear. I found my little outfit with my bag, but needed a little something else. Look what I found! I really cute rocking horse necklace. This gem is in 13 colors! And you can locate it at PR Gatcha Garden. The rocking horse necklace is resizable! How else would I get this to fit me ;D So, anyone in your family can wear it. Now that my wardrobe is complete for the day, it is time to go shopping!!! I might head over to PR and see what other goodies are going to be coming out soon for the July event!

Creator: Bugsy Hansome

Body: Toddleedoo Baby Girl
Skin: {CM} Kiki Skin
Hair: Lovely ButterFly cute7
Nails: Chee Toddledoo Nail Hud
Outfit: 2OAK LE Black Dots Red Bow Outfit