Blogging Requests

                          Review Requests

If you're interested in having me blog something, send the item to me inworld.
Danielledd resident

All Toddleedoo - female only
Adult Items ( non sexual) must be resizable.  I show sizes in adult and child

Please understand that even though you are sending me items to be blogged; I am not obligated to blog your items. I blog items at my own discretion. It is really nothing personal. If your item has not been blogged, then I either lost, or not bloggable. I blog items according to when they were opened.  If you are unsure if I would blog an item, just send me a note-card inworld with a photo of the item, and I will let you know. Please do allow me a few days to get back to you. Not blogging one item, does not mean I won't blog another. When I do blog and item, I credit the designer,  and everything else I have on.