Saturday, June 7, 2014

Freebies and Shelving

Outfit :  Tammie
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Sim:  Peekabee  
Group Gift

Cloud Shelf and Rainbow Shelf

 Flip Flops
Group Gift

Must go see Peekabee's Gachas.  I just took a wide angle shot with no enhancements.

Aleesa by Peekabee

Outfit :  Aleesa
Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)
Sim:  Peekabee  
June Group Gift

So I am in love with these clothes. I may need to have some therapeutic care soon. ;D
This outfit comes with all seen plus another hair bow.  I only chose to wear one because of the hair that I am wearing. I also moved it around just a smidgen. Bracelet, Cardigan, Flats, 2 Hair-bows, Necklace, Capri hud ( for pants) and pant cuffs.  The cardigan comes in kid and baby sizes. Wait for it!!!!...................  the shoes!! OMG!!!
Can you say shopping time in this outfit, or maybe even some Diva time!! You must go see the new store.  She has done a fantastic job of making it look so pretty and it is very easy to navigate.  Also check for her gatchas, I doubt you will be able to miss them ;D

Hair: [d.l.s.] :: Bobbed Hair :: Raven
Eyes: Darkestkiss Eyes- Gray       Market Store
Nail Polish (Gatcha  $25L) : {LSP} Glitteriffic Gatcha - Neon Pink 3 ( Little Smarty Pants )

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bobbed Hair

Bobbed Hair (un-rigged)
Creator: Tash Porthos

This bobbed hair is so cute and I just love the way it fits on my head. There is a resizer in each hair and all I had to do was reduce it 15%. It comes with an alpha and a tattoo hair base.  The gatcha it is located in is only 50L.
This hair is fantastic because moms and daughters can wear the same hair.   These 5 colors are what you can get from the gatcha machine.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Pre-release Gatcha Garden

A new round is about to begin!!! Are you ready to shop?!?!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

~* Peekabee *~

I chose to add these all to 1 post cause I got a lot of cuteness going on!!  OMG..  look at the shoes... they fit!!!  No resizing needed.  This is like totally awesome for me. I'm kinda picky on what I wear, and finding an outfit with shoes that really fit right.  Wow!

Creator: ℓαiℓα ɱαℓℓoяч ѕωαη (laila.titian)

This outfit is Kelly -- Purple/Green
but also comes in several other color choices.
It contains the hair-bows, ring, bracelet, dress, cardigan and sandals.
Hello .... can you beat the price for this ---  $50L WOW!!!!

This outfit is Lily
Priced at an amazing $99L
Package contains:
Ballet slippers, hair-bows, dress, skirt, ring, necklace, bracelet and tank
Total cuteness!!!  You cannot resist this outfit either!

 Nyla is so adorable. I showed the backside as well to let you see how wonderful the backside looks on this outfit. This outfit comes in pink and green, but soooo cute!!!  The amazing price of only $99L.  So how many of you have yet to go snatch these outfits!?
This comes with jeans, tank, hair-bows, necklace, sandals and ring.  Baby and kid sizes.  Do I need to remind you that the shoes fit!!!! Also the bracelets in all her outfits have resizers in them just in case you want to move it up the arm or lower on the wrist.

Tilly . Is priced at $99L, and comes in 5 colors!! The shoes!!! omg.. ok I know I am going a little nutzo here. But omg.. they fit.  ;D
Tilly comes with Bracelet, headband, dress,  sandals, and ring.
Just look how well this dress sits too. Sigh.. I am in happy land!!

Here I placed 2 outfits together because I think they look great together, On the left is
Vivie in pink, but she has 5 color choices available all for only $99L.
If you have not noticed.. all her items are 99L or less.  Even my piggy bank screams lets go shopping!!
Vivie comes with jeans hud, jeans cuff, ring, hairbow, chestbow, tank, and the shoes.....  oh the shoes. Both baby and kid sizes.

Heather on the right, comes in four colors.  For just... you got it .  only $99L
This item comes with jeans hud, jeans cuff, tank, hair and chest bows, ring , bracelet, necklace and .. wait for it..... shoes!!!!!
I think I am going into cuteness overload..   I really am in love with all the outfits she makes. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

FireBird Designs (Or FBD)

Brand : FireBird Designs (Or FBD)
Creator: Dalriada Delwood

 So this creator makes me..... almost.... wanna grow up some. Besides that fact that she is super nice her items in her store are fantabulistic!!!  She has a variety of clothing from Gothic to the neighbor next door.  And O>M>G  they are all so cute!! This is a must go see, as well as the rest of the sim too.
Also another rumor strikes, that she too will soon be having some kids items.  You must keep an eye out for that.

Gold Baroque Jacket 125L
Male and Female
Silver and Gold options


Random picture of more of her items.

Whatever Dude 299 ( holy price)
Leather jacket with t-shirt
mesh jeans
optional belt
mesh sneakers

Whatever Girly
Leather jacket with t-shirt
mesh jeans
optional belt
mesh sneakers
Black Top


{ZOZ}- Polish, Accessories, Shoes

Event though right now this sim is mostly for adults. There is a rumor running about that there may be some items for kids coming real soon!! This designer has some awesome designs for those hands and feet, you got to come see.!!

Creator ŽØŽ  ƗĆØŇ (zozicon)
Sim -{ZOZ}- Polish, Accessories, Shoes
LM -

From Hell Heels Exclusive
semi exclusive mesh
slink high shoes
NO feet included
$499 L
Art Inspired
copy mod

Tiffany Heels
radiant orchid
high heels
handmade textures
these are copyable
NO feet included
made for slink high feet

Nail polish applier
Slink hands and feet
This is a polish applier only!


Here is a wonder place to go visit. Most of the items are adult.  But I did win a rare ring, and a rare head bow.  I was also told to watch the next round for some cute little things. So Parents, and kids alike mus go see.  This is a place for budding creators and some hard core creators too.
I so loved going to this garden, walking around  with all the beautiful things to look at and tucked in are all the venders to visit and see what is new.  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Miss ZOZ, she is such a wonderful peaceful person. This for definite sure is a must go to.The next event is coming soon.  so keep an eye out for more details.
->PR<- Gatcha Garden

A new house I built

I know I am not an expert builder.  But the more I do the more I learn, the better I get


Kentucky sunrise

Kentucky Sunset

I love riding int he truck because I get to see things I normally do not.  On the other hand, riding in a truck can be very tiring when your not used to it