Friday, May 9, 2014

My builds so far.

I was playing around with some new mesh I purchased yesterday, and made some "new age" looking store.  I have done nothing with the photos yet but I will add one here.  I also made a new house. Without retexturing it more than I wanted to ;P/

So here are the stores, I left the tops open as slatted i might just add a couple together with stairs. I was bored last night and wanted to see what it would look like.

 Here is the house, remember I have done nothing with the photos yet. This is sitting on my small platform.  This house will fit on a parcel size of about 3000sq and is only 72 prim with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom.

This one is a playhouse I build for kids my size. It will allow small children in maybe even regular size kids. All Mesh. forgot to write the prim size down.

And finally this is one of 3 stores I build all the same but for the colors.  This one is red/black, I have a white and a black one.  These stores come with the shelves and no door. I hate having to stop and open doors when I shop. All mesh. I forgot to write the prim down but its less than 50

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

So today, for the 4th time I textured my entire build the same color.  So be it with fate, I deleted it. It was not meant to be. I will start out making something else after class.  I have been attending Willowdale Elementary. So Far I have to say it has been fun and interesting.
See you after class!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Frustration rising

I am slightly frustrated this morning. I have been searching for a group, or locations that update kids, and more specifically things that are associated in the least with Toddleedoo kids. But there really is not anything.
There are massive amounts of designers groups I could join.
There is only one Midnight Madness group for Toddleedoo kids, but I would rather not join that one. If there was another, I might.
There is a Toddleedoo Spam with 73 members, but that is designers. oO
There is baby.newz but again that is for designers.
I only see one group specifically for Toddleedoo boys.
Oh I did find a Toddleedoo chat group, I think I am going to join that, even if it is only like 30 members, that is a start. ~sigh~  I did join, but alas --- NO one is on!!
See my frustrations, I am looking for a group of updates on events, places where children gather, things to do WITH other kids.

That is the other issue I have been noticing in my travels.  My momma goes crazy with how much I teleport around.
I see many children.. toddleedoo, zooby, regular kids, all kinds of kids alone.  Not playing with other kids, not interacting with other kids, but acting as mini adults.  In groups there is so much baby babble it is sometimes hard to keep reading that chat, and people claim to be friends, but it seems a majority are friends in group, and never get together to "play"