Friday, August 15, 2014

Bella Morte Board Shorts (~ND~)

Nightmare Design
Bella Morte Board Shorts
Amber Harvey ( Amber Queenstown)

Oh my gawd!!! How cute is this?!! Boys board shorts, sneaks and a cap.  So ready to go to the beach and check out the action..
you can find these here:

Violet Paisley ( ~ND~)

~Nightmare Design~
Amber Harvey ( Amber Queenstown)
Violet Paisley for Baby and Kid

This is an uber adorable dress for TD kids.  It fits adorably. I dunno if daddy likes how nicely it fits.  But.. PFFF.. it's momma's word, right!!
This outfit comes with the hair bows, back bow, shoes and dress. You can find it here:

Thursday, August 14, 2014


Is having withdrawl's  needs some fun stuff to blog about. Or I will wither away in my cave....

Well it has been a while since I have had anything to blog about.

Pre-Release is closing it's doors. So I am in search of new places to blog for.  I am hoping to find regular creators and blog a few times a week.

I have new parents, and they are totally awesome. We seem to click much better than anyone else I have ever met.  I hope they become my forever parents ;D